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GenTa International for Levant countries

The challenges of doing business in the Levant lie in the complex geopolitical situation, cultural and linguistic differences, as well as market and logistics-related obstacles.


Despite these challenges, opportunities exist in the region, particularly in the energy, tourism, technology, agriculture and infrastructure sectors.

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Genta International is present in 2 Levant Countries

GenTa Internationale offers its services in 2 countries in the region:

  • Lebanon
  • Iraq
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Strategic position, regional crossroads and resilience

Lebanon faces economic, political and security challenges that can limit business opportunities, but its geographic position remains a potential asset for economic development and trade in the region.


With a particularly qualified and multilingual local workforce, HR outsourcing is a wise choice not only to penetrate this market but also to benefit from numerous talents.


Real opportunities despite security, regulatory and logistical challenges

The numerous administrative constraints and instability should not prevent companies from developing their activities in Iraq. However, it is crucial to enter this market with caution.


By outsourcing the management of your HR needs, we provide our clients with a regulatory and security framework allowing them to have employees on site.

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Référencé par Business France en ancrage commercial, GenTa International est un prestataire des solutions de la « TEAM FRANCE EXPORT ».

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